Kooshoo ENSO White Headband For Men. Eco-Friendly Organic Cotton Kundalini Yoga Head Covering for Men.

The best selling ENSO headband by KOOSHOO is the most comfortable and versatile headband on the market. Designed with a twist that rests comfortably at the nape of the neck ensuring a non-slip headband during even the most rigorous activity. Wear it thin, running-headband style, or opened 8″ for full bandana (perfect kundalini head covering). Made from the finest organic cotton and featuring a 1″ Tencel window.

MATERIALS & CARE: Body made from 93% organic cotton, 7% spandex. Window is 100% Tencel. For best results wash cold and lay flat to dry.

KOOSHOO is an eco-friendly accessories brand created by husband and wife yoga teachers to help others feel good (KOOSHOO literally means “feeling good”). They use only the finest organic and natural materials, ethically manufacture in downtown LA, dye in the world’s only solar powered dye house, ship with 100% recylcled and/or biodegradble packaging and give a portion of profits to charity.

Product Features

  • THE FINEST NATURAL MATERIALS: Made from premium, sweat-wicking organic cotton and features a 1″ Tencel (sustainably farmed Eucalyptus trees) window. One size fits all.
  • VERSATILITY BY DESIGN: Designed with a twist for styling options. Scrunch to wear it thin, “tennis style” or open the full 8″ to wear it “bandana style”. Makes for the perfect men’s kundalini yoga head covering.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Non-slip, sweat-wicking, odor-resistent organic cotton keeps you looking great and feeling good during even the sweatiest of workouts.
  • ETHICAL & ECO-FRIENDLY: Woven, dyed, cut and sewn by family businesses in downtown Los Angeles, California. Shipped to you in 100% Recycled and/or Biodegradable packaging.
  • GIVING BACK: A portion of profits are donated to charities that uplift. Last year this donation provided community, yoga and meditation for 1000 homeless youth and impoverished women, amongst others.

Reehut Fitness Exercise Yoga Strap (6ft) w/ Adjustable D-Ring Buckle for Stretching, Flexibility and Physical Therapy (Black)

Improve Flexibility and Increase Strength!

Using a yoga strap is a good way to get some self-help into your yoga practice. No matter what your level
of experience is with yoga, a strap can provide useful help on support, alignment, and posture.
The Reehut Yoga Strap is a simple, effective way to add tension to your workouts! Using it during your favorite exercises
can increase strength, tighten your core and help you perform advanced poses. New to the world of yoga?
Our straps are also great for beginners as they provide stability while improving posture and center of gravity.
At 6ft in length, which are the perfect size for users of different heights! But if you find that the belt is too long
or if you want to increase tension, ultra-strong D-rings allow you to adjust the length or add loops. To extend the
life of your strap, be sure to take proper care of it. For a no-hassle clean, simply hand wash it in
cold water with a mild detergent before hanging it in the sun to dry!

10 Ways to Use the Yoga Strap

– Side Stretch
– Opening the Shoulders
– Seated Forward Bend, Paschimottanasana
– Bound Angle Pose
– Reclining Leg Stretch
– Extended Hand to Big Toe
– Dancer’s Pose, Natarajasana
– Head-to-Knee Pose, Janu Sirsasana
– Cow Face Pose, Gomukhasana Arms
– Half or Full Boat Pose, (Ardha) Navasana

1Why Choose Our Yoga Strap?

– Adds tension to any workout
– Adjustable and versatile
– Easy to Clean and Maintain
– Great for all fitness levels
– Made of 100% cotton

Try Today Risk Free with Our Money Back Guarantee!

*Supply is limited. Order today to ensure availability.

Order Your Strap Now and Get the Most Out of Yoga!

Product Features

  • Size Available: Our 6ft length yoga strap with loops is the perfect size for a wide range of movements!
  • Soft and sturdy cotton material, not rub harshly, protect hands from injuring, extremely durable and will not break or lose its shape.
  • Metal D-ring buckles can be adjusted and snugly secured for various poses and alignments. Fold the loose end back on itself, tighten to your desired loop size.
  • Perfect for yoga, Pilates, daily exercise, or physical therapy – deepen stretches, assist with hard-to-reach poses, enhance warm ups, improve flexibility, strengthen and tone muscles, and add challenge to workouts.
  • Lightweight and portable yoga strap is easy to carry and store.

Jet New Rose Quartz Crystal Amethyst Unique Chakra Orgone Pyramid Free Booklet Jet Internationl Crystal Therapy Crystal Gemstones Copper Metal Mix Rare Healing Positive Energy Tetrahedron Sacred Geometry Memory Concentration Meditation

Approx. size 2.5 length * 2.5 width * 2 inch height. Fifth Element Orgone products are powerful Spiritual tools that can be used to enhance all areas of your life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. They can best be described as transmitters of Universal Light Energy, also knows as Source Energy, Ether and Zero Point Energy. This higher dimensional field is the animating force behind all creation and has the capacity to automatically transform lower vibrational (negative) energy into higher vibrational (positive) energy. By simply holding an Orgone device or being near one, negative energy will be cleared from your field creating a higher, more balanced and healthy state. Using your Intent you can also direct this Source Energy towards personal healing, protection and spiritual awakening. What this means is that you now have a practical tool that can create and maintain a positive energy field in your home and workplace for both yourself and those around you. I personally consider Orgone to be one of the most advanced Spiritual tools available today and feel that these products would be highly beneficial for anyone. Features & Benefits of Orgone Technology experience more vitality and a restful sleep relieve mental and physical stress aids meditation & increases spiritual growth energize food, water, herbs and supplements create a more harmonious home & workplace protect yourself from negative energies clear emotional and energetic blocks This is a very Unique Rare New & Best Seller Item from us. It has amazing combination of Crystal Pyramid Tetrahedrons that has inside various chakra gemstones like Lapis, Amethyst, Blue / Green / Yellow Aventurine, Red Jasper, Crystal Quartz, Moonstone, Sodalite, Yellow Jade, etc. This gives best healing results to the user considering the metaphysical properties of all the stones combine effects. It also combines Copper & Metal Mixing to give best and fast results.

Product Features

  • Free 40 Pages Booklet Jet International Crystal Therapy New Rose Crystal Amethyst Quartz Orgone Pyramid with Crystal Point Coil and Chokurei.
  • Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers, and enhances spiritual awareness. We have also used Crystal Point and Copper Coil around it to get the maximum benefits out of this divine and brilliant product of ours.
  • 59. Quartz Crystal – This stone amplifies prayers, wishes and positive visualizations. Keeps you in touch with your spiritual side, and reminds you that you are a spiritual being, having a human experience.
  • After years of research, Reich uncovered the process of cancer cell formation in the body from what was once healthy tissue:
The tissue first becomes weakened from energy stagnation and cells quickly break down into small vesicles or bions that clump together and around which a membrane forms. The new “cells” become the club-shaped cancer cells that gradually become motile and eventually become actual protozoa.
  • It reverses the negative ELF radio waves emitted by your Cell Phone, TV, Microwave, Computer et cetera. You can feel an increase in the orgone coming out when on top of a running TV or Microwave.

Gaining Strength from Weakness: 101 Positive Thoughts for HIV Positive People

What if your doctor told you that you were HIV positive? Would you get depressed, think that your life was over, and want to give up? Well, Asha didn’t; she came home that day and began writing prayers and positive thoughts, which eventually gave her the motivation and strength to move on with her life. She is sharing her collection of positive thoughts to offer encouragement to those living with HIV or any other life-threatening illness.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation: Techniques Specific for Psychiatric Disorders, Couples Therapy, and Personal Growth

For several decades, yoga has been a popular mainstream approach to health conscious living, and is used by those with medical disorders.

Now, following a bevy of recent research studies, yoga has exploded onto the mental health scene, and clinicians and patients alike are embracing the use of yoga to effectively help combat psychiatric disorders.

In Kundalini Yoga Meditation, Shannahoff-Khalsa―researcher, Kundalini yoga teacher for over 30 years, and worldwide authority in the field of alternative therapies for psychiatric disorders―weaves scientific insights, clinical trials, case histories, and disorder-specific techniques to explain how the ancient science of Kundalini yoga can be a useful stand-alone or supplemental treatment for psychiatric disorders.

Written for all those in the mental health profession, the book begins by laying out a number of landmark scientific studies based on Kundalini yoga, all of which have led to a new understanding of mind-body dynamics, physiological states, and ways of noninvasively altering the brain and body. Included are novel yogic concepts on rhythms of the brain, personality structure, models for the mind and consciousness, and other fundamentals to enhance our understanding of health and disease processes.

With this scientific overview in place, Shannahoff-Khalsa goes on to explore, chapter by chapter, how Kundalini yoga can be applied to the treatment of psychiatric disorders― including OCD and other anxiety disorders; major depressive disorders; bipolar disorders; addictive, impulse control, and eating disorders; insomnia and other sleep problems; chronic fatigue syndrome; ADHD and co-morbid disorders (conduct and oppositional defiant disorder); PTSD; and the abused and battered psyche. His work also illuminates the treatment of complex co-morbid disorder patients. Most importantly, each chapter includes the full set of disorder-specific meditation protocols and techniques described in complete detail―64 in total. Photographs help illustrate poses for easy simulation. The final section of the book covers the application of Kundalini yoga for individuals, couples, and groups in therapy, and includes an epilogue that discussed the future of psychiatry.

Mind-body medicine is at the forefront of current mental health research and treatment, and the introduction of this ancient technology of the mind into the equation is a major breakthrough in our understanding of improved treatment for a wide variety of psychiatric disorders. Kundalini Yoga Meditation skillfully introduces this exciting new frontier, and equips psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers, and other clinicians with the tools and techniques necessary to incorporate yogic meditation into their practices, and bring hope and healing to their clients.

color and b/w illustrations

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser 130ml Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser with Adjustable Mist Mode Waterless Auto Shut-off and 7 Color Changing LED Lights Portable for Home Baby Office – Wood Grain

Please add water below the Maxline(less water, more mist)
Please clean it at least once a week.
Please use only 100% pure and natural essential oils. Avoid essential oils with phenols, ketones or aldehydes.

The portable URPOWER Aroma Diffuser makes any indoor space more calm and relaxing with the subtle power of aromatherapy.
Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser is the safe and quiet way to freshen any room with the soothing power of aromatherapy. Instead of heat or flames, it uses sound waves ultrasonic vibrations that turn tap water and essential oil into a superfine scented mist. Simply add 130ml of water and a few drops of your favorite scented oil. It runs 3-4 hours in continuous mode, or over 6 hours in intermittent mode (30 seconds on, 30 seconds off). Features silent operation, LED indicator lights and automatic shut-off. Recommended for rooms up to 215 sq. ft.

Mist Settings:
Two settings when press the mist button (Green/Red):
Green – intermittent mist (30 seconds on and off)
Red – continuous mist coming out

Silent operation
Easy to use only two buttons
Shuts off automatically when it runs out of water
Ultrasonic vibrations create a superfine mist
Aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier and mood light in one

Size: 106x164MM
Material: PP/ABS
Input power: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Power Cord Length: About 69.6″
Water Tank Capacity: 130ML

Package Included:
1x Essential Oil Diffuser
1x Adapter
1x User Manual
1x Measuring Cup

Product Features

  • CAPACITY: 130ML. Recommended for rooms up to 215 sq. ft.
  • ADJUSTABLE LED LIGHT: 7 Color-changing LED mood light(blue/pink/purple/red/yellow/green/orange and combination)
  • UNIQUE AND COMPACT DESIGN: The URPOWER aroma diffuser is coated with wood grain, which makes it look very natural and primitive.
  • NEW TECHNOLOGY: Freshen your room the safe way with our new advanced Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser.
  • WARRANTY: 100% new with 90 days money back guarantee and 1 year warranty.