Natural Stress Relief – Gears & Ice – MagZen Zen Gear-Box – Stress Relief Kit (for Easy and Powerful Relaxation and Meditation)

Product Features

  • Natural Stress Relief - Forget about your troubles as you remove the gears from the simulated ice
  • Stress Relief Activity - Extemely Powerful form of Meditation - As long as you're focused on the task, your mind is taken to a stress-free place where your troubles or anxiety melt away
  • Real Wooden Box with Metal Closure - Measures 6" wide x 3.5" x 2.5" deep
  • The simulated ice actually looks and sounds like slushy ice but it's not cold or wet!
  • Real Metal Gears! Made In The USA
Sale Price: $18.95
(as of 08/23/2019 03:53 UTC - Details)


Take A Break From The Daily Grind!

Stop grinding your gears! Realease them into the ice, let them cool down and then re-collect them one by one.

Relax as your hands and fingers release tension into the simulated ice crystals as you dig for the gears. Get lost in the sound of the metal gears dropping on the wood box lid as you collect them. Relax at the sound of the ice as it moves around in the Zen box.

As your mind drifts, you are actually achieving the same mental state of meditation that others may achieve with eyes closed.

Put on some relaxing music and dig for gears in the ice. An entirely new and unique way to relax and naturally relieve stress.

The simulated ice crystals look and sound like real, slushy ice but they aren’t cold or wet!


Promotes Relaxation and Stress-Relief
By focusing on the ice and gears, you’ll forget about everything else. This is an extremely potent form of meditation!

Hold a desire, wish or gratitude in mind as you dig in the simulated ice crystals. This powerful form of meditation is a natural form of stress relief and very effective for getting in the flow of the universe by zeroing out your emotions and thoughts.

Real Wooden Box with Metal Closure – Measures 6″ wide x 3.5″ x 2.5″ deep

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Peace Love Joy and Gratitude!

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