After years of struggle, Monique Rebelle was on the verge of suicide. That’s when she experienced a miracle that stopped her from ending her life and marked the beginning of a new, happy life. In “Transcendence Calling”, Monique takes us through some of the key events from her childhood and youth, the months before the experience, then describes the transformational kundalini rising process, and introduces a new, revelatory take on chakras, kundalini energy, and spiritual enlightenment. Information about this phenomenon, rare but known for millennia, and in-depth explanation about it is written in an accessible language and relates to everyone directly. The capacity of our consciousness is far greater than what we are accustomed to using. The potential for full regeneration and happiness lives within us. “Transcendence Calling” gives you the tools you need to engage in practices that will lead to the realization of an amazingly powerful and beautiful existence.

Peace Love Joy and Gratitude!

3 thoughts on “Transcendence Calling: The Power of Kundalini Rising and Spiritual Enlightenment

  1. Let your heart soar Yes. That is that short answer. Yes, buy the book. I have never written a review of a book. I read on many levels at once. Grammatically, flow of verbosity (it should sing in its own cadence), content, truths biased against my own preconception, and what I call for lack of another term….soulful listening. Monique goes the distance on all marks. She is a VERY engaging story teller. It must have been difficult to espouse her life and personal torments to the world. But we see in her endeavors…

  2. Revelatory and engrossing Monique Rebelle’s “Transcendence Calling” is a revelatory guide, as well as an engrossing memoir. The story of Monique’s life, growing up in Poland in the 1970’s and ’80″s and eventually settling in Los Angeles, could have been a book on its own. In this story, Monique focuses on the events in her life that brought her to a spiritual awakening. Monique’s honesty, humor and unique vision, combined with the deep knowledge she acquired through her experience, makes this book…

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